Shakib had said that they have come out to win the T World Cup and Bangladesh got out after losing 3 matches in a row, then a joke on Twitter

Shakib Al Asan, the best all-rounder of T20, had said before the start of the T20 World Cup that this time Bangladesh will go into the T20 World Cup with the intention of winning not just playing. Because she had defeated teams like Australia and New Zealand in her home series.

But as soon as the T20 World Cup started, Bangladesh lost their first match to Scotland by 5 runs. The team’s batting against Oman was also poor but Oman did not have the experience of chasing the target, so it came to Bangladesh Super 12 after winning the match but could not survive against the big teams.

Bangladesh became the first team (Super 12) to be knocked out of the T20 World Cup race after first losing matches against Sri Lanka then England and the West Indies on the last ball yesterday. Because of this, Bangladesh was also ridiculed a lot.

Akash Gokhe

Akash Gokhe

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