Before the match against New Zealand, Virat Kohli answered the questions raised about Mohammed Shami on social media. After the defeat against Pakistan, he was seen furious on the issue of online trolling of Mohammed Shami. He said that our job as a player is to play. We don’t pay attention to what people say outside. Our focus is completely on the match and not on this kind of drama.

Virat Kohli said that there are some people on social media who do such acts by hiding their identity, these things are common in today’s era. When we use those symbols in this way, then our focus is on keeping the atmosphere of our dressing room good. Whatever gimmick happens outside, it completely tells the mentality of those people who do such acts.

Virat Kohli spoke in support of Shami

Virat Kohli clearly said that no person can be targeted on the basis of his religion. If it is done then it is totally wrong. I have never treated anyone like this. But that is the job of some people. Mohammed Shami is an important part of Team India. He has won many matches for India. Still, in his game, no one sees what he should be seeing, so I can’t do anything for him. Nor do I want to waste my time for such people. We will stand 200 per cent with Shami. And the behavior of outsiders cannot affect our relations.

India had to face defeat by 10 wickets in their first World Cup match. Indian bowler Mohammed Shami proved completely ineffective in the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan.

Not only did Mohammed Shami get the wicket, on the contrary, he was targeted by the Pakistani openers together. Shami had conceded 43 runs in his 3.5 overs at the rate of 11.21. He could only bowl 5 dot balls in his spell. His balls had 6 fours and 1 six.

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