In the T20 World Cup, the Indian team again repeated the embarrassing performance. New Zealand beat India by 8 wickets in the big match of the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup. After the loss to Pakistan, cricket fans were expecting Team India to celebrate Diwali before Diwali, but the flop performance of the superstar players left them disappointed. Team India’s hopes of reaching the semi-finals have also suffered a setback after this embarrassing defeat. The body language of Team India’s crickets did not appear to be winning. 3 reasons for the loss in the match-

Batting flop: Team India’s smoky batsmen, who rained fours and sixes in the IPL, were a bad flop. Like Pakistan, the batting was a flop in this match too. Most of India’s batsmen got out with easy catches in the deep. India’s dream of going to the semi-finals has almost been shattered with the second consecutive defeat. While the loss of the first match was humiliating, the defeat against New Zealand was also embarrassing. Fearless batting is the first condition of T20 cricket and it is nowhere to be seen in India’s performance.

There were 54 dot balls in the Indian innings i.e. runs were not scored in 9 overs. India brought in Ishan Kishan in place of Rohit Sharma along with Lokesh Rahul in the opening, but he disappointed and was dismissed for 4. Captain Kohli, Rohit, Rishabh Pant could not show any miracle. Indian batsmen, who were considered masters in playing spin bowling, got caught in the web of spin.

Wrong team selection There was no fault in the pitch but the Indian team was once again dodged in the matter of selection. Not trusting the in-form players cost the team management dearly. Taking out-of-form Hardik in the match raises questions on the selection of the team. Hardik Pandya failed as a batsman in such an important match.

The bowlers also disappointed: Along with the batsmen, the Indian bowling also completely disappointed. The performance of the bowlers after the small target of victory could have brought India into the match. Indian bowlers did not get a single wicket against Pakistan. Indian bowlers could take only 2 wickets against New Zealand.

Akash Gokhe

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