From cricket experts to fans, the last eleven played by Virat Kohli in tournaments like the T20 World Cup are angry. Some even allege that Virat Kohli just giving a chance to Hardik Pandya, his place is not made in the playing 11.

Virat Kohli had even said that Hardik Pandey or the like finisher will not be dropped for just 2 overs. But by the time Hardik Pandya started bowling, Team India was already finished.

On the contrary, Virat Kohli himself was bowling in the nets so that if Hardik Pandya was not fit to bowl, he himself could take out 2 overs in his place. But who should explain to Virat Kohli that in T20, one ball decides the result of the match, 2 overs is a very big scale.

Hardik Pandya was injured while batting against Pakistan but the scan did not show anything special, due to which he was fed against New Zealand. In such a situation, not only Hardik Pandya’s form, but fitness was also under question.

There are also allegations against Virat Kohli that he fed the player of his choice even though he was half fit. Some such tweets were also seen on this matter.

Hardik Pandya scored 11 runs in 8 balls with the bat against Pakistan and 23 runs in 24 balls against New Zealand. He failed to score quick runs in both the innings, for which he was kept in the team.

In such a situation, more than the mistakes made on the field of Virat Kohli, the decisions taken in the dressing room outside the field were heavy on Team India. (webdunia desk)

Akash Gokhe

By Akash Gokhe

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