Indian team can reach semi-finals only due to these equations, difficult but not impossible

It has been a week since the Indian team did not open its account in the T20 World Cup. Now with two losses, India are almost out of the race for the semi-finals. But it is not officially approved yet. Officially India will be out of the T20 World Cup when India loses to Afghanistan or New Zealand wins from Afghanistan.

India’s hopes rest on Afghanistan vs New Zealand

Two Sundays did not go well for India, now the fate of India will be decided in the T20 World Cup next Sunday. However, now it will be decided from the match of Afghanistan vs New Zealand not India whether India can reach the semi-finals or not. If New Zealand beat Afghanistan, then India’s hopes will end there. But if Afghanistan turns upside down, then there will be little hope for India.

India will have to do this from its side

India does not have control over what will happen in the match between Afghanistan and New Zealand, but India will have to win the next three matches by a big margin, so that if the equation is in India’s favor in the end, then the net run rate is such that Team India will be in second place. But can be considered.

India will now need a more than 70-run win against Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia, only then will the net run rate improve. In the last two matches, India’s bowlers have conceded 263 runs in 194 balls. Due to this the net run rate of India has gone up to -1.609. It can only be compensated by 3 big wins in a row.

The compulsion to bat first – a dilemma

Not only this, India will have to bat first in all three matches. In the last two matches, India lost by batting first but now even after winning the toss, India will have to choose to bat first. Otherwise, the margin of victory in the next match will be bigger. Even if the opposing team batted first and India chased down the target early, the net run rate would not increase as fast as India gave runs first and then scored.

By the way, Virat Kohli has always been laggy in winning the toss. In total 7 T20 matches this year, he has won the toss only once. Their winning or not winning the toss could be the same in the coming matches. When Afghanistan wins the toss, they always show interest in batting. Will have to see what happens on the 3rd.

Expectations low from Namibia and Scotland

Although New Zealand has to play Namibia and Scotland as well, but now Afghanistan has the strength to beat New Zealand among the remaining teams. Although anything is possible in cricket, it seems far-fetched to think that Namibia and Scotland will beat New Zealand. At the same time, it will not rain in UAE because the weather is clear right now.

In the end, if India’s points are equal to New Zealand and the net run rate is better, then only Team India will get a ticket to the semi-finals. (webdunia desk)

Akash Gokhe

Akash Gokhe

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