In T20, India lost to Pakistan first, and in the second match it also lost to New Zealand. Netizens were a bit disappointed after the 10-wicket loss to Pakistan, but after the second loss, their anger broke out for the Indian players. This anger and outrage was so much that now even Indian players are being abused.

At the same time, cricket knowledgeable people on Facebook and Twitter are also giving knowledge and advice to Indian players. At the same time, some people are making memes fiercely. So some are advising those who were advising the players.

Let us know what kind of advice and knowledge the Indian cricket team is getting.

Oho, Why are you taking the load when Ravi Shastri, Virat Kohli and BCCI don’t take defeat and win seriously.

One user wrote, The same will happen if brother makes MS Dhoni a mentor.

Anushakti wrote, The TV has been turned off. If the match is not over for fifteen overs, then we will turn onOtherwise go to hell everyone. (Feeling bad for Virat today. All parents will make his chutney)
He also wrote T Twenty is going on or Test

Ashutosh wrote, After the T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, the conclusion is that the game which spoils the atmosphere and increases the tension, There is no need for such matches.

Suraj Saraswati said, Played so dirty that dirty talk season 6 Looks good too.

RK Jain wrote, IPL Planet, The Lions in IPLa all piles happening now!

A user named Seema Rai wrote on Facebook, Earlier 151 Now 111 Target of! They had gone to play or to give the omen of marriage. Come home.. crackers have to be burst on Diwali too.

Some netizens also fired political satires on India’s defeat.
User Pradeep Singh wrote,

If Kohli is not handling it, then make Jay Shah the captain. If Jay Shah does not agree then Anurag Thakur Huh, Boundless Shah is.

Priyanka wrote,
If the heart is strong then watch the match. BCCI The team can do anything. By the way, after the loss to Pakistan, this tournament has no meaning for me. Because I am not in Gangi-Jamuni category.

Arun Parmar said, India lost intentionally today, So that people do not say that they were defeated by Pakistan only at the behest of the government.

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