Virat Kohli and the toss both seem to be talking in different directions. Virat Kohli has never been known to win the toss. Especially in T20, this year Sikka seems to be upset with him.

He has lost five consecutive tosses, three against England and two against Pakistan and New Zealand in the T20 World Cup. The role of the toss in this T20 World Cup can be gauged from the fact that Virat Kohli was disappointed after losing the toss for the last time.

However, even if he wins the toss today, he will still have to bat first. India will have to bat first in all the three matches. In the last two matches, India lost by batting first but now even after winning the toss, India will have to choose to bat first. Otherwise, the margin of victory in the next match will be bigger. Even if the opposing team batted first and India chased down the target early, the net run rate would not increase as fast as India gave runs first and then scored.

The margin of the 8-wicket loss against New Zealand also means that India’s net run rate has declined, making their way to the semi-finals dependent on other teams’ results. A look at the equation of Afghanistan, New Zealand and India, the three teams contending for the second semi-final spot

New Zealand: New Zealand’s net run rate has increased to 0.765 after India chased down the target in 14.3 overs. If he wins all his remaining matches, he will advance to the semi-finals. Their toughest match in their last three matches will be against Afghanistan where the defeat will only add to the difficulties for them.

What’s more, the schedule for the upcoming three matches isn’t going to be easy either – they have to play day-of-day matches at three different grounds with a day off – against Scotland on 3 November in Dubai, on 5 November in Namibia. Against Afghanistan in Sharjah and on 7 November in Abu Dhabi against Afghanistan.

Afghanistan:Afghanistan made the most of their matches, performing well against Namibia and Scotland. This is the reason why his net run rate has reached 3.097. Their remaining two matches are against two big teams in the form of India and New Zealand. If they win both matches, they will qualify. If they lose to India and beat New Zealand, it will come down to run rate. They may also benefit from their schedule – they beat Namibia in Abu Dhabi, and their last two matches will be played at this ground.

India: Despite the massive loss against New Zealand, India now have only one chance to win their remaining three matches. At the same time, he has to expect Afghanistan and New Zealand to lose at least one match. If this happens then it will come down to the net run rate but in that case also India is far behind at the moment.

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