Dubai. After a thumping T20 World Cup win against Scotland, Indian captain Virat Kohli regretted that some such “good overs” could not be found against Pakistan and New Zealand.

India achieved the target of 86 runs in 6.3 overs to win. In the last match, India defeated Afghanistan by 66 runs. After losing the first two matches to Pakistan and New Zealand, India’s hopes of entering the semi-finals now rest on the match between Afghanistan and New Zealand.

It was a great performance, Kohli said after the match. We were trying to do just that. I won’t say much about today, because we know how to play.

He said, in T20 cricket, the toss and the conditions matter a lot. We are happy to get the rhythm back. Kohli, however, expressed regret that the Indian team could not perform against Pakistan and New Zealand.

“Even two overs in those two matches could have made a difference. I’m glad everyone seems to be in rhythm now. Kohli said that he wanted to restrict Scotland to 100-120 runs.

“We restricted them to such a score that we managed to beat the rest of the teams,” he said. We had also planned to achieve the target soon. We had set a target of eight to ten overs as we wanted to avoid extra effort. KL Rahul (50) and Rohit Sharma (30) scored 70 runs in the first five overs.

Kohli said, in practice matches also he was batting like this. With two such good overs, the picture of the tournament would have been different. Scotland captain Kyle Coetzer admitted that India proved him nineteen in every department. “It is only by playing such matches that we will improve our performance. Such tournaments are very important for the players.(Language)

Akash Gokhe

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