After losing the first two matches in the T20 World Cup, India has won two consecutive matches. The only problem is that India has improved its run rate against weaker teams. If there is a weak team for India in the group, then there is a weak team for others as well. Especially for New Zealand, which is the biggest hurdle for India to reach the semi-finals.

Happily, India has solved the biggest problem net run rate. In terms of net run rate, India has become the best team in its group. Before the match against Scotland, India’s run rate was .07, while now the run rate is 1.6.

India got the result they wanted in front of Scotland. Now his last match is to be against Namibia. However, there are still two things in India’s favor which can take India to the semi-finals.

1) There will be no dew in the Afghanistan New Zealand match

It is known to all cricket lovers that New Zealand does not play spinners that well and Afghanistan team is famous for its spinners. Especially Rashid Khan and Mujibur Rahman who are still injured.

From India’s point of view, it is a good thing that the match between New Zealand and Afghanistan will start at 3.30 pm. Therefore, the toss will not be of much importance. Whether it is the first innings or the second innings, the pitch will help Afghanistan spinners equally.

It is worth noting that on the basis of net-rate, India can reach the semi-finals only when Afghanistan beat New Zealand. Although on paper the New Zealand team looks heavy on Afghanistan and New Zealand has played the last two matches in the day itself, then the Kiwi team has a better idea of ​​the conditions. But in defeating Afghanistan, New Zealand will have to do more than Namibia and Scotland.

2) New Zealand will be India’s last match after Afghanistan’s match

The match between New Zealand and Afghanistan is to be held on Sunday and the match between India and Namibia is to be held on Monday. This may benefit India a bit because after Sunday’s match, Team India will either know by what margin to win the match, or it will know when to catch the return flight to India.

Had India played the match earlier, Afghanistan would have known the math of how many runs they had to beat New Zealand by so that they could go to the semi-finals. On the other hand, only victory is important for New Zealand. If he wins, no one can stop him from going to the semi-finals. (webdunia desk)

Akash Gokhe

By Akash Gokhe

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