Dubai: After registering a big win over Scotland with 81 balls to spare, India are vying for the second semi-final spot from Group 2 along with Afghanistan and New Zealand. This big win has boosted his net run rate drastically but he will have to wish for New Zealand’s defeat against Afghanistan to reach the last four. What will these three teams have to do to win the second semi-final spot?

India : Match – 4, Points – 4, Net Run Rate – 1.619, Match Remaining – Vs Namibia

In just two matches, India’s net run rate has increased from -1.069 to plus 1.619. However, they still need to lose New Zealand’s match against Afghanistan to get a qualifying chance. If Afghanistan wins that match, India have a good chance of entering the semi-finals due to their excellent net run rate.

For example, if Afghanistan bats first scored 160 runs and beat New Zealand by 30 runs, India would need to register a 21-run win over Namibia to be ahead of them in net run rate. And as India play their last group match on Monday, they will know what they need to do to qualify. However, if New Zealand wins their last match, India will be out.

Afghanistan: Matches – 4, Points – 4, Net Run Rate – 1.481, Match Remaining – Vs New Zealand

India’s big wins in the last two matches have reduced Afghanistan’s chances of going into the top four. As mentioned earlier, even if they beat New Zealand by 30 runs, the margin of victory for India would still be very small. But if Afghanistan beats New Zealand by 60 runs after scoring 160, India will have to beat Namibia by 48 runs to overtake them as India will play their match last, knowing all the equations. For them to advance, they will have to beat New Zealand and expect Namibia to make a reversal against India.

New Zealand: Matches – 4, Points – 6, Net run rate – 1.277, Matches remaining – vs Afghanistan

Net run rate is not a concern for New Zealand. If they lose, their net run rate will be below that of Afghanistan, and they will be out for sure. However if he wins, he will reach eight points where India cannot reach. New Zealand will also face the challenge of playing three different grounds in five days, while Afghanistan have played their last two matches in Abu Dhabi.(talk)

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