India and Namibia team will face each other in the final league match of T20 World Cup. This match will be a formality as the 4 teams going to the semi-finals are now confirmed. England, Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand.

New Zealand ended India’s T20 World Cup journey by crushing Afghanistan by 8 wickets on Sunday. Two teams from India’s group reached the semi-finals. First Pakistan which did not lose a single match out of its 5 matches with 10 points. Second New Zealand which lost only 1 match out of 5 with 8 points.

India is at the third position having lost two matches and has a total of 4 points with two wins. Even if India wins today’s match, it can have a total of 6 points. In such a situation, their victory may be just a consolation but will be insufficient for the semi-finals.

Cricket fans know this very well. That’s why he is not very keen on the final match. But having fun on Twitter.

Afghanistan was the team at number four, which only got victory over their weaker Scotland and Namibia by 60 and 130 runs. In the match between Namibia and Scotland, Namibia was victorious by 6 wickets.

There is no comparison between Namibia and India in cricket. The last time these two teams faced each other was in the ODI World Cup 2003. But it can be said that Namibia, played against India like Scotland, can play a little better than that.

David Wiese is a player from Namibian who previously played T20 for South Africa and now plays cricket for Namibia. He will be eyed by many Indian viewers as he is a well-known name in this team.(webdunia desk)

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