Dubai: Ahead of his final match as India’s head coach against Namibia, Ravi Shastri admitted that the Indian team was mentally and physically exhausted during the T20 World Cup and didn’t even “attempt to win” as the team played big matches. failed to perform well under pressure conditions.
Shastri said his successor, Rahul Dravid, has got a great team in the “legacy” and will only improve the team’s standards considering his level and experience.

When Ian Bishop was asked about his unsuccessful campaign in the T20 World Cup, Shastri told Star Sports, “The first thing that comes to my mind is rest. I am mentally exhausted but at my age I expect this to happen. But these players are tired mentally and physically. Been part of a biologically safe environment for six months… Ideally we would want a long break between the Indian Premier League and the T20 World Cup because with big matches you are under pressure, you don’t get to perform as you would. want to do.”

Shastri said he didn’t want to make excuses but the team was not in the best position to try and win matches here. “It’s not an excuse. We accept defeat and we are not afraid to lose. Trying to win you can lose the match but here we did not try to win because we were missing the X factor.

Shastri believes that the best thing for Dravid would be to have a world-class team which is at least four years away from going through a transition phase. Dravid’s tenure will begin with the T20 and Test series against New Zealand at home.

“Of course we have someone in Rahul Dravid who will get a great team in Virasam and with his level and experience, he will only raise the level further in the times to come,” Shastri said.

“There are a lot of players here who will play for another three to four years which is very important. This team is not going through a phase of change and it is not going to change overnight.” Shastri said, “Virat is here now and as the leader of the team, he is the biggest and best ambassador of Test cricket. ”

Shastri said that he got the most satisfaction in his work by creating a team that can win Test matches abroad. “There is a lot of positives in all formats but I would say winning all over the world with the red ball.” Winning in West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia.

In reference to the fifth Test postponed due to Kovid-19, Shastri said, “In England we are ahead in the series which will be the longest lead in Test history because the next Test will be played next year but I have no problem with that and waiting for 12 months.” I am ready.

“But to beat these teams and every team in red and white ball cricket. We beat the teams at their home which was my and the team’s goal. You were always the lion at home but when we went abroad we didn’t do well. This team made a big difference. ”(Language)

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