Dubai:Ravi Shastri is well aware of the fact that during his tenure as the head coach of the Indian cricket team, he was portrayed in a funny way on social media but the former all-rounder said that if people laugh because of him, then he should There is no problem.

The 59-year-old former cricketer’s tenure as head coach came to an end with India’s last match in the T20 World Cup against Namibia on Monday. During this, his leg was often pulled on social media.

Shastri told the media persons, “The joke goes on everywhere. They laugh at my name, have fun. How does it matter. I’ll drink lemonade or I’ll have milk and honey, but you drink. Have fun in my name.

“When you post such things, how many people (people) laugh, man, how many people are happy. Have fun, man. As long as the team does well, I am happy.

On the criticism that often comes after India’s defeat, Shastri said, “Criticism. It depends on the performance. If you do well you will be praised, if you do not perform well you will be reprimanded. keep peace Om Shanti Om.”

Team India raised flags during Shastri’s tenure

Virat Kohli is bidding farewell to captaincy only but Ravi Shastri is bidding farewell to the coaching of the Indian team. This means that he will no longer be seen coaching the Indian team in any format. He will soon be replaced by Rahul Dravid.

Team India achieved new achievements during the tenure of Ravi Shastri. Recently, the tenure of the Indian team in the T20 World Cup has been completed, so let’s look at the performance of T20 matches only.

During the tenure of Ravi Shastri, Team India played 64 T20 matches, out of which the Indian team won 42 and lost 18. 2 matches were tied and 2 were inconclusive.

At the same time, under Shastri’s coaching in ODI cricket, the Indian team played 76 matches, out of which 51 were won in ODIs and the team lost in only 22 ODIs. 2 matches were tied and 1 match did not result.

Talking about the test, a total of 43 test matches were played by the Indian team under Shastri’s coaching. Out of this, 25 Test matches were won and Team India lost in 13 matches. 5 matches were drawn.

If all the three formats are combined, then it can be said that Ravi Shastri’s coaching journey was wonderful. In these 183 matches, the Indian team was able to register victory in 118 matches. India had to face defeat in just 53 matches. 5 (Test) matches were drawn and 4 matches were tied and 3 matches could not result.

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