Dubai:Like India has New Zealand phobia in ICC tournaments because we are out as soon as we get defeated at the hands of New Zealand. Similarly, England phobia remains in front of New Zealand.

England has twice defeated New Zealand in the ICC Knock Out tournament. The first was the semi-final of the 2016 T20 World Cup in which New Zealand was defeated by 7 wickets. After this, who can forget the finals of both the ICC ODI World Cups.

First the match was tied and then the super over was also tied. But England was given the ODI World Cup only because they had hit more boundaries. If New Zealand has to win the match tomorrow, then leaving these two defeats behind will have to go on the field like a new day.

New Zealand won’t be worried about 2019 experience: Stead

There are eight players in the New Zealand squad who were members of the 2019 squad. Including the injured Lockie Ferguson. But head coach Gary Stead believes that the 2019 match will not have any effect on Wednesday’s match. “I did not hear that match being discussed. I think this player is excited to face England once again They have a very strong team and you always want to play the best teams. So I think there will be no comparison between this match and that match except in the Super Over.”

Jason Roy may be out of the competition for the rest of the world due to a calf injury, but Stead doesn’t underestimate England’s white ball prowess. “He is a great player and obviously you don’t want to see such a player getting injured. This happened to us also in the context of Lockie. But England can open with a player like Jonny Bairstow and they have more,” he said. There are also options. He often moves players up and down depending on the situation of the match and I think against us he will do the same. But that shouldn’t make us change our strategy much. It’s a question of a day. Anything. It is possible.”

New Zealand have a unique chance of earning two ICC titles in the same year. Commenting on his journey to the semi-finals in the T20 World Cup after winning the World Test Championship, Stead said, “I feel very proud of this team. How these players manage to mold their game on every big stage. Compare our team with the big teams and you will get an idea of ​​how tough it is and how much it deserves to be praised. We know how to fight as a unit. If you do small things with perseverance, success doesn’t take long.”

According to Stead, New Zealand’s fielding made the biggest impact in the virtual knockout match against Afghanistan. In modern T20 cricket, it is a strong link for almost all teams, but New Zealand showed yet again how to put the pressure on the opposition with good fielding. “We caught some great catches especially if you look at the first of the last over,” Stead said. Looking at Darryl Mitchell’s fielding on the ball, he not only saved four runs off that ball, but probably also restrained 10-12 more runs in the entire over. This gave us the ease to bat as we restricted the possible 140 to 125. “

“These little things make a big difference. Kane and Jimmy took great catches. Devon opened the innings with a one-handed catch while diving in. We take inspiration from such efforts and hopefully it will do a lot for the bowlers as well,” he said. Feel confident.”

Deeply careful in England team: Williamson

New Zealand cricket team captain Kane Williamson has said that he is deeply wary of the England team and will not take anything lightly in the semi-final match despite injuries to two of England’s key players Jason Roy and Tymal Mills.

“They are both big players from England,” Williamson said on the eve of the semi-final match against England here on Tuesday. It’s really sad that he got hurt in this competition, but I think one of England’s strengths is the depth he’s managed to maintain over a long period of time. Having spent some time in Birmingham Phoenix and being involved in that ‘The Hundred’ camp for some time, you can tell that England has a huge amount of talent. He is still a very strong side playing very good cricket. “

The New Zealand captain said, “Here, whenever someone is injured, someone else comes and you don’t even know who they are until the toss, but you try and prepare and plan as much as you can and then when When you go there you are competing and then that’s all that matters. But Jason is a big player for England and he was playing really well and got the team off to a good start with Jose but as I mentioned depth is one of England’s major strengths and we’re going to do it to the best of our ability. Also, we will try to plan accordingly. The biggest thing for us here is that we want to focus on the kind of cricket that we want to play as a group and do exactly what we have been doing throughout this tournament. “

It is noteworthy that Williamson himself is suffering from some injuries, due to which he has been able to train less ideally between matches. Williamson had come to this World Cup with an ongoing elbow problem that had kept him out of a practice match, but he has been in good shape so far in the tournament, despite playing three afternoon matches within five days. .

Williamson said about this, “The elbow problem has been a bit challenging for me personally. I am certainly looking forward to the day that is gone and I don’t have to worry too much about it, but as this problem remains, so is the point of discussion. I am trying to work closely with the physio to make sure I stay fresh in the match as much as possible but it has had a lot of impact, so to be honest, training is taking place. ”

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