Even before the start of the first semi-final match of the T20 World Cup, the audience remembered the final of the ODI World Cup 2019 and on-field umpire Kumar Dharmasena started making fun of him on Twitter.

After the final match of the 2019 World Cup was drawn, there was a Super Over between the two teams to choose the winner, but it was also a draw and then England won the World Cup title in terms of the number of boundaries.

As soon as the news came to the cricket fans that Kumar Dharmasena would be the on-field umpire in the T20 World Cup semi-final, they remembered this match of 2019, which was made by Kante Ka Kumar Dharmasena.

Actually, a mistake of Kumar Dharmasena in this match was heavy on the New Zealand team. In Boult’s last over, Stokes ran for the second run and the ball hit his bat and went to the boundary. On this ball, Dharmasena gave 6 runs to England.

This decision was so important that New Zealand eventually lost the World Cup. Had Dharmasena given it a total of 5 runs, New Zealand would have won the ODI World Cup by one run. The memory of Twitter fans is very good, due to which some such memes were seen on Kumar Dharmasena.

Sri Lanka’s experienced umpire Kumar Dharmasena then admitted that it was a mistake to give England 6 runs instead of 5 on the overthrow in the last over of the World Cup final but he will never regret the decision. But by then England had lifted the World Cup.

Akash Gokhe

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