Kangaroo team celebrates T20 World Cup title by drinking beer in shoes (Video)

The Australian team is known for its celebratory ways. From the first ODI World Cup to the fifth ODI World Cup victory, Australia has celebrated with hustle and bustle.

Apart from this, when Australia celebrated the victory of the Champions Trophy 2006, Sharad Pawar had almost been pushed. Australia was waiting for a long time to win the T20 World Cup.

For this reason, after winning it, the Australian team was seen celebrating in a different way. Australian players were found drinking beer in the shoes in the dressing room.

The video of this sentence has been uploaded by the ICC on its official Twitter account. In this, first wicketkeeper Matthew Wade poured beer into the shoe and then he drank it. After this, all-rounder Marcus Stoinis also repeated his work and poured the beer into the shoe and drank it.

This is called Shui

Well, seeing this video, many people can say that kangaroo players do not take care of cleanliness but it is a tradition. It is considered either a symbol of celebration or torture.

Drinking Champagne in women’s slippers was considered a cause of decline in the early 20th century. This practice is still prevalent in Australia and is known as Shui.

Such was Australia’s journey to T20 World Cup final

Initially this team did not seem that special. The team from South Africa won the match in the last over. After this, the team returned to form with the match against Sri Lanka. The team lost to England badly by 8 wickets but with big victories over Bangladesh and West Indies, the team reached the semi-finals.

The best thing for the team was that their opener David Warner returned to form. Josh Hazlewood took consecutive wickets and spinner Adam Zampa also took 5 wickets in a match.

The biggest feat Australia did against Pakistan. Australia defeated the Asian team by 5 wickets in a very exciting match against Pakistan, which looked undefeated.

After this, Australia was to face its neighbor in the final. But Australia had never lost to New Zealand in an ICC knockout match. With this confidence, Australia landed on the ground and won the T20 World Cup title for the first time by defeating New Zealand by 8 wickets in an almost one-sided match.

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