Discussions of glamor live more than the game of these cricket players

The game of cricket demands a lot of hard work and fitness. When cricketers become successful, they find a dazzling world that welcomes them with outstretched arms. Some cricketers do not pay attention to this but some adopt this luxury. Sometimes such cricketers also get distracted from the game.

Let’s talk about such cricketers who are known for their lifestyle more than their sport.

Hardik Pandya-

Pandya is quite popular among the youth as he keeps changing his tattoos and hairstyles constantly. Not only this, his dressing sense also attracts the younger generation a lot.

They remain in constant discussion for expensive hobbies and fun. In the month of August itself, his watch created an uproar on social media. According to media reports, this watch of Hardik Pandya was worth about Rs 5 crore and had 32 diamonds in it.

For information, let us tell you that this watch is not the time due to which Hardik Pandya is in the headlines right now. The Custom Department has recently confiscated Hardik Pandya’s watch. Whose price is also being said to be 5 crores.

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Many cricket fans consider Hardik Pandya to be the villain of India’s T20 World Cup because Hardik was fed in the team under an all-rounder. He took the place of a bowler and did not bowl, while in batting also he could not show anything amazing. Against Afghanistan, he did run the bat in the end but by then it was too late.

Chris Gayle-

Chris Gayle, who came into the limelight after his smoky batting against India in 2002, became well known for his wit and his fashion sense towards the end of his career.

Sometimes going down the field with colored glasses. Ever to be a Casanova off the field. He also got addicted to partying during IPL. He is also very active on the Instagram app.


In the T20 World Cup 2021, Chris Gayle remained a burden for the West Indies, he showed such a bad game which was not expected. Chris Gayle could not even score 50 runs in 5 matches of T20 World Cup and could only score 45 runs. Due to this performance of his, now speculations of his retirement have also started. He hardly gets a chance for the next World Cup.

Shikhar Dhawan: –

Recently, Shikhar Dhawan, who has been in the headlines due to his personal and professional life, has a bungalow of 6 crores in Delhi. Apart from this, they have one to one vehicles like Mercedes, Range Rover etc.

Shikhar Dhawan also has a gold watch which is said to be worth 13 lakhs.


The last few years have not been good for Shikhar Dhawan. For two years, his bat has not scored a century. He scored a century in the ODI World Cup against Australia two years ago. Even as a captain, he has returned after losing 1-2 T20 series against a team like Sri Lanka.

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