Good luck to KL Rahul, who lost his first Test as captain

johannesburgThere is a line from the poem “Krishna’s Warning” that “Saubhagya does not sleep all day, see what happens next”. These lines show that misfortune does not last long but the same applies to good fortune. That too someone may cheat on you someday.

Like gave it to Lokesh Rahul yesterday. Things continued to go well for KL Rahul. He got the captaincy of ODIs before the New Year celebrations on 31 December. After this, he got the captaincy in the first Test of the year 2022 because Virat Kohli was injured.

His good luck did not stop here, he won the toss and elected to bat first. After this, he also scored a half-century as an opener, but he did not get any luck on the last day of the Test and Team India had to face defeat.

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In every Test match that we play, our only thinking is to win, India captain Lokesh Rahul said on Thursday after suffering a seven-wicket defeat to South Africa in the second Test. We are the kind of team where we try to win every match. If you look at our team, we have been performing very well in the recent times. However, losing this match in this manner has also been quite disappointing.

After the match on the fourth day, Rahul said, ‘We compete really hard with our opponents. Yes, the debacle was a bit disappointing but credit goes to the way South Africa played. His team batted and bowled really well. Scoring 122 on the fourth day was not that easy. There was double bounce on the pitch but as I said, the South African batsmen were really batting very well. This Test match has been great for Shardul.

Elgar credits his bowlers for the victory

Captain Dean Elgar, who became the player of the match with his unbeaten 96 in the second Test against India, has credited his bowlers for this victory.

After winning the match, Elgar said, ‘The basic thing about batting and bowling is that you do not forget its basic rules and we made this mistake in the first Test. As a batting unit, we have faced tough conditions. As a bowling unit, the Indian bowling dominated us at times. Our bowling unit has also done well. He showed a lot of character. It is always a privilege to represent our country. We have fought for a stable batting line-up and we had to be very patient.

“We have given those guys the opportunity to play in positions that we think can play those roles and they have to play really well to fulfill that,” the captain said. In this match, he has performed as we expected him to.

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