If you do slow overs in T20, then you will have to suffer in the last over like this, the rule came into force

Dubai: Slow over-rates in T20 cricket will now face severe punishment as the International Cricket Council announced on Friday that teams that fail to complete an over within the stipulated time will have to keep one fielder less outside the 30-yard circle. It has introduced in-game penalties, which will be in effect from this month.

The ICC has also included optional drink breaks in the middle of an innings in bilateral international T20 cricket under the Revised Terms and Conditions of Play. ICC’s provision for slow over-rates under Section 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Support Staff Will remain the same. This includes demerit points and monetary penalties on the team and the captain.

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The ICC said, “Section 13 of the Terms and Conditions of Play. 8 has over-rate rules, under which the fielding team must bowl the first ball of the last over within a stipulated time. Failure to do so will result in one fielder falling outside the 30-yard circle for the rest of the innings.

Normally five fielders can be placed outside 30 yards after the first six overs. For non-compliance with the over-rate rule, only four fielders will be allowed. Will give

The change has been recommended by the ICC’s Cricket Committee, which continues to review ways to maintain the pace of play across formats. There is also a provision for an optional drink break of two and a half minutes between innings, provided each series starts. This was agreed upon among the members before.

Under the new rules, the first match will be played between West Indies and Ireland at Sabina Park on 16 January. In the women’s section, the first match will be played between South Africa and West Indies at Centurion on January 18.

The ICC is understood to have adopted this rule in view of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), which implemented a similar rule in the first season of franchise cricket ‘The Hundred’ in July last year. The ICC said that it has adopted this rule after reading reports of its effectiveness in improving the pace of the T20 format. According to the ICC, the penalty in the match will be in addition to the existing ICC fine for slow over rate.

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