Most Wicket Takers In Test Cricket: The Highest Ranked Bowlers


When it comes to bowlers who have taken the most wickets in test cricket, then the name of the world’s top 3 spin bowlers Muttiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne, and Anil Kumble always came in this list. But now England fast bowler James Anderson has overtaken former Indian legend Anil Kumble by making it to the top 3.

Sri Lanka’s legendary spinner Muttiah Muralitharan is at number one in the list of most wicket takers in test cricket with 800 wickets and Australian legend Shane Warne who has taken 708 Test wickets at number two. Anderson is at number three in this list with 630 wickets. With this, he has also become the most successful fast bowler in Test cricket.

Apart from James Anderson, if we talk about other highest wicket taker fast bowler in test, then at number five is former Australia bowler Glenn McGrath, who took 563 Test wickets. At number six is another England fast bowler named Stuart Broad who is still seen bowling with Anderson. Anderson and Broad are the only players in the top-6 who are currently playing cricket.

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Most Wicket Takers In Test Cricket

Most wickets
PlayerSpanMatInnsBallsRunsWkts  AveEconSR
M Muralitharan (ICC/SL)1992-2010133230440391818080022.722.4755.0
SK Warne (AUS)1992-2007145273407051799570825.412.6557.4
JM Anderson (ENG)2003-2021165307354901670763026.512.8256.3
A Kumble (INDIA)1990-2008132236408501835561929.652.6965.9
GD McGrath (AUS)1993-2007124243292481218656321.642.4951.9
SCJ Broad (ENG)2007-2021149274298631459052427.842.9356.9
CA Walsh (WI)1984-2001132242300191268851924.442.5357.8
DW Steyn (SA)2004-201993171186081007743922.953.2442.3
N Kapil Dev (INDIA)1978-1994131227277401286743429.642.7863.9
HMRKB Herath (SL)1999-201893170259931215743328.072.8060.0
Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-19908615021918961143122.292.6350.8
SM Pollock (SA)1995-200810820224353973342123.112.3957.8
Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)1998-2015103190285801353741732.462.8468.5
Wasim Akram (PAK)1985-200210418122627977941423.622.5954.6
R Ashwin (INDIA)2011-202179148216701014441324.562.8052.4
CEL Ambrose (WI)1988-20009817922103850140520.992.3054.5
NM Lyon (AUS)2011-2021100191256901281639932.122.9964.3
M Ntini (SA)1998-2009101190208341124239028.823.2353.4
IT Botham (ENG)1977-1992102168218151087838328.402.9956.9
MD Marshall (WI)1978-19918115117584787637620.942.6846.7
Waqar Younis (PAK)1989-20038715416224878837323.563.2543.4
Imran Khan (PAK)1971-19928814219458825836222.812.5453.7
DL Vettori (ICC/NZ)1997-2014113187288141244136234.362.5979.5
DK Lillee (AUS)1971-19847013218467849335523.922.7552.0
WPUJC Vaas (SL)1994-2009111194234381050135529.582.6866.0
AA Donald (SA)1992-20027212915519734433022.252.8347.0
RGD Willis (ENG)1971-19849016517357819032525.202.8353.4
TG Southee (NZ)2008-20217914817886886231428.222.9756.9
MG Johnson (AUS)2007-20157314016001889131328.403.3351.1
I Sharma (INDIA)2007-2021104186190281002331132.223.1661.1
Z Khan (INDIA)2000-201492165187851024731132.943.2760.4
B Lee (AUS)1999-20087615016531955431030.813.4653.3
M Morkel (SA)2006-20188616016498855030927.663.1053.3
LR Gibbs (WI)1958-19767914827115898930929.091.9887.7
FS Trueman (ENG)1952-19656712715178662530721.572.6149.4
DL Underwood (ENG)1966-19828615121862767429725.832.1073.6
TA Boult (NZ)2011-20217313916271808029227.672.9755.7
JH Kallis (ICC/SA)1995-201316627220232953529232.652.8269.2
CJ McDermott (AUS)1984-19967112416586833229128.633.0156.9
BS Bedi (INDIA)1966-19796711821364763726628.712.1480.3
Danish Kaneria (PAK)2000-20106111217697908226134.793.0767.8
J Garner (WI)1977-19875811113169543325920.972.4750.8
JN Gillespie (AUS)1996-20067113714234677025926.132.8554.9
MA Starc (AUS)2011-20216111712575703125527.573.3549.3
GP Swann (ENG)2008-20136010915349764225529.962.9860.1
JB Statham (ENG)1951-19657012916056626125224.842.3363.7
MA Holding (WI)1975-19876011312680589824923.682.7950.9
R Benaud (AUS)1952-19646311619108670424827.032.1077.0
MJ Hoggard (ENG)2000-20086712213909756424830.503.2656.0
GD McKenzie (AUS)1961-19716011317681732824629.782.4871.8
BS Chandrasekhar (INDIA)1964-1979589715963719924229.742.7065.9
AV Bedser (ENG)1946-1955519215918587623624.892.2167.4
J Srinath (INDIA)1991-20026712115104719623630.492.8564.0
Abdul Qadir (PAK)1977-19906711117126774223632.802.7172.5
Yasir Shah (PAK)2014-2021468513697730623531.083.2058.2
GS Sobers (WI)1954-19749315921599799923534.032.2291.9
AR Caddick (ENG)1993-20036210513558699923429.913.0957.9
CS Martin (NZ)2000-20137112614026787823333.813.3760.1
KAJ Roach (WI)2009-20216712012218625023127.053.0652.8
N Wagner (NZ)2012-20215410211991604622926.403.0252.3
D Gough (ENG)1994-2003589511821650322928.393.3051.6
RR Lindwall (AUS)1946-19606111313650525122823.032.3059.8
SJ Harmison (ENG/ICC)2002-20096311513375719222631.823.2259.1
A Flintoff (ENG/ICC)1998-20097913714951741022632.782.9766.1
VD Philander (SA)2011-20206411911391500022422.322.6350.8
RA Jadeja (INDIA)2012-20215510413685558222325.032.4461.3
PM Siddle (AUS)2008-20196712613907677722130.662.9262.9
CL Cairns (NZ)1989-20046210411698641021829.403.2853.6
CV Grimmett (AUS)1925-1936376714513523121624.212.1667.1
HH Streak (ZIM)1993-20056510213559607921628.142.6962.7
Shakib Al Hasan (BDESH)2007-2021589813415667921531.062.9862.3
K Rabada (SA)2015-202147868785484621322.753.3041.2
JR Hazlewood (AUS)2014-20215510311887543821225.652.7456.0
MG Hughes (AUS)1985-1994539712285601721228.382.9357.9
SCG MacGill (AUS)1998-2008448511237603820829.023.2254.0
Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)1995-2004498614070620620829.832.6467.6
AME Roberts (WI)1974-1983479011135517420225.612.7855.1
JA Snow (ENG)1965-1976499312021538720226.662.6859.5
JR Thomson (AUS)1972-1985519010535560120028.003.1852.6


James Anderson has become the third most wicket taker in Test cricket. He achieved this feat, leaving behind former India’s legendary spinner Anil Kumble. In this list, Muttiah Muralitharan is at number one and Shane Warne is at number two. He is the highest wicket taker in the world as a fast bowler in Tests.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who is the Most wicket taker in Test cricket?

Ans- Muttiah Muralitharan is the most wicket-taker in Test cricket. He has played a total of 133 Test matches in his career and has taken a total of 800 wickets.

  • Who is the Most wicket taker in Test for India?

Ans- Former India spin bowler Anil Kumble is the most wicket-taker in Test cricket from India. Anil Kumble has played a total of 132 matches and has taken a total of 619 wickets. Anil Kumble is at number 4 in the list of bowlers who have taken the most wickets in Test cricket.

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