The Highest Individual Score In Test Cricket: A List of Amazing Records

To make the highest individual score in test, the batsman has to play with a lot of patience. The batsman’s skill, patience, technique, and real ability to score runs are known in Test cricket only. In Test cricket, the batsman has the opportunity to score long innings and big scores. So let’s have a look at the batsmen who played the highest individual innings in Test cricket.

West Indies batsman Brian Lara is at number one in the list of highest individual score in test cricket. Lara played an unbeaten inning of 400 runs against England at St John’s in 2004. Brian Lara is the only batsman to score 400 runs in Test cricket. Lara hit 43 fours and four sixes in his innings.

Brian Lara is the only batsman to have scored 400 runs in an innings. But apart from this, there were many batsmen who have scored more than 350 runs.

Former Australia left-handed opener Matthew Hayden is at second place in the list of highest individual score in test. Matthew Hayden broke Lara’s record of 375 runs against Zimbabwe on 9 October 2003 by scoring 380 runs.

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Highest Individual Score In Test

PlayerRunsMinsBalls4s6sTeamOppositionMatch Date
BC Lara400*778582434West Indiesv England10 Apr 2004
ML Hayden3806224373811Australiav Zimbabwe9 Oct 2003
BC Lara375766538450West Indiesv England16 Apr 1994
DPMD Jayawardene374752572431Sri Lankav South Africa27 Jul 2006
GS Sobers365*614380West Indiesv Pakistan26 Feb 1958
L Hutton364797847350Englandv Australia20 Aug 1938
ST Jayasuriya340799578362Sri Lankav India2 Aug 1997
Hanif Mohammad337970240Pakistanv West Indies17 Jan 1958
WR Hammond336*3183410Englandv New Zealand31 Mar 1933
DA Warner335*554418391Australiav Pakistan29 Nov 2019
MA Taylor334*720564321Australiav Pakistan15 Oct 1998
DG Bradman334383448460Australiav England11 Jul 1930
GA Gooch333628485433Englandv India26 Jul 1990
CH Gayle333653437349West Indiesv Sri Lanka15 Nov 2010
MJ Clarke329*609468391Australiav India3 Jan 2012
Inzamam-ul-Haq329579436389Pakistanv New Zealand1 May 2002
A Sandham325600640280Englandv West Indies3 Apr 1930
V Sehwag319530304425Indiav South Africa26 Mar 2008
KC Sangakkara319551482328Sri Lankav Bangladesh4 Feb 2014
CH Gayle317630483373West Indiesv South Africa29 Apr 2005
Younis Khan313760568274Pakistanv Sri Lanka21 Feb 2009
HM Amla311*790529350South Africav England19 Jul 2012
RB Simpson311762743231Australiav England23 Jul 1964
JH Edrich310*532450525Englandv New Zealand8 Jul 1965
V Sehwag309531375396Indiav Pakistan28 Mar 2004
RM Cowper307727589200Australiav England11 Feb 1966
DG Bradman304430473432Australiav England20 Jul 1934
KK Nair303*565381324Indiav England16 Dec 2016
Azhar Ali302*658469232Pakistanv West Indies13 Oct 2016
LG Rowe302612430361West Indiesv England6 Mar 1974
BB McCullum302775559324New Zealandv India14 Feb 2014
DG Bradman299*396230Australiav South Africa29 Jan 1932
MD Crowe299610523293New Zealandv Sri Lanka31 Jan 1991
AN Cook294773545330Englandv India10 Aug 2011
V Sehwag293366254407Indiav Sri Lanka2 Dec 2009
IVA Richards291472386380West Indiesv England12 Aug 1976
RR Sarwan291698452302West Indiesv England26 Feb 2009
LRPL Taylor290567374430New Zealandv Australia13 Nov 2015
RE Foster287419370Englandv Australia11 Dec 1903
KC Sangakkara287675457350Sri Lankav South Africa27 Jul 2006
PBH May285*600252Englandv West Indies30 May 1957
VVS Laxman281631452440Indiav Australia11 Mar 2001
Javed Miandad280*696460191Pakistanv India14 Jan 1983
AB de Villiers278*601418236South Africav Pakistan20 Nov 2010
DCS Compton278287341Englandv Pakistan1 Jul 1954
BC Lara277474372380West Indiesv Australia2 Jan 1993
GC Smith277541373350South Africav England24 Jul 2003
DJ Cullinan275*658490272South Africav New Zealand27 Feb 1999
G Kirsten275878642260South Africav England26 Dec 1999
DPMD Jayawardene275610435271Sri Lankav India16 Nov 2009
SP Fleming274*653476281New Zealandv Sri Lanka25 Apr 2003
RG Pollock274417401430South Africav Australia5 Feb 1970
Zaheer Abbas274544467380Pakistanv England3 Jun 1971
Javed Miandad271558465285Pakistanv New Zealand24 Feb 1989
GA Headley270*495300West Indiesv England14 Mar 1935
DG Bradman270458375220Australiav England1 Jan 1937
R Dravid270740495341Indiav Pakistan13 Apr 2004
KC Sangakkara270468365362Sri Lankav Zimbabwe14 May 2004
AC Voges269*410285330Australiav West Indies10 Dec 2015
GN Yallop268716517290Australiav Pakistan26 Dec 1983
BA Young267*605422370New Zealandv Sri Lanka7 Mar 1997
PA de Silva267509380400Sri Lankav New Zealand31 Jan 1991
Younis Khan267690504321Pakistanv India24 Mar 2005
Z Crawley267541393341Englandv Pakistan21 Aug 2020
WH Ponsford266460422270Australiav England18 Aug 1934
DL Houghton266675541303Zimbabwev Sri Lanka20 Oct 1994
TWM Latham264*694489211New Zealandv Sri Lanka15 Dec 2018
AN Cook263836528180Englandv Pakistan13 Oct 2015
DL Amiss262*570563401Englandv West Indies16 Feb 1974
SP Fleming262576423312New Zealandv South Africa27 Apr 2006
RR Sarwan261*573402320West Indiesv Bangladesh4 Jun 2004
FMM Worrell261335352West Indiesv England20 Jul 1950
CC Hunte260281West Indiesv Pakistan26 Feb 1958
Javed Miandad260617521281Pakistanv England6 Aug 1987
MN Samuels260618455313West Indiesv Bangladesh21 Nov 2012
MJ Clarke259*582398260Australiav South Africa9 Nov 2012
GM Turner259704759220New Zealandv West Indies6 Apr 1972
GC Smith259574370340South Africav England31 Jul 2003
TW Graveney258471300Englandv West Indies4 Jul 1957
SM Nurse258476341West Indiesv New Zealand13 Mar 1969
BA Stokes2583381983011Englandv South Africa2 Jan 2016
Wasim Akram257*4903632212Pakistanv Zimbabwe17 Oct 1996
RT Ponting257590458250Australiav India26 Dec 2003
RB Kanhai256400420West Indiesv India31 Dec 1958
KF Barrington256683624260Englandv Australia23 Jul 1964
DJ McGlew255*534190South Africav New Zealand6 Mar 1953
V Kohli254*336332Indiav South Africa10 Oct 2019
DG Bradman254341376250Australiav England27 Jun 1930
V Sehwag254328247471Indiav Pakistan13 Jan 2006
JE Root254614406270Englandv Pakistan22 Jul 2016
HM Amla253*675473220South Africav India6 Feb 2010
ST Jayasuriya253490348334Sri Lankav Pakistan20 Oct 2004
DA Warner253409286242Australiav New Zealand13 Nov 2015
WR Hammond251461605300Englandv Australia14 Dec 1928
KS Williamson251624412342New Zealandv West Indies3 Dec 2020
KD Walters250394342302Australiav New Zealand18 Feb 1977
SFAF Bacchus250510330West Indiesv India2 Feb 1979
JL Langer250578407301Australiav England26 Dec 2002

Data Source: Espncricinfo

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Virender Sehwag is the first name from India in the list of players who have scored the highest individual scores in test matches. Opener Sehwag’s highest individual score in Test matches is 319 runs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who scored the highest 401 in the Test match?

Ans- West Indies batsman Brian Lara has scored the highest individual runs in test. Brian Lara has scored 401 runs which is the highest score in Test cricket.

  • Who scored the highest individual score in test by Indian?

Ans- If we talk about the Indian batsman who scored the most runs in Test cricket, then the first name is Virender Sehwag. Sehwag scored 319 runs against South Africa in 2008, which was his highest innings in test cricket.

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